Dakini (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Dakini (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Dakini beautifully marries Western retro style with Malayali sensibilities.

Cast & Crew
Director: Rahul Riji Nair
Actor: Saiju Kurup, Aju Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose, Indrans, Alencier Ley Lopez, Sethu Lakshmi
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2018

Dakini (2018) Malayalam Review:
For starters, its main characters don’t seem to be kids. What would happen if four grandmothers determined to require on a dreadful mafia don? this can be the essential premise of Dakini. however before that, enough time is spent establishing the characters and therefore the very little details of their world (like their avidity to find out regarding WhatsApp) rather than speeding into things. similar to its four leading girls — vie by Sarasa Balussery, Sethu Hindu deity, Pauly Valsan, and Savithri Sreedharan — the film does not behave in an exceedingly means that others expect them to. there’s nothing exciting happening in their lives, and, naturally, they yearn for associate degree earth-shattering journey.

Enter Kuttan Pillai (Alencier Ley), associate degree old friend of Pauly Valsan’s character, Molly. One will say that live-bearer is that the ‘hero’ of the story as a result of it’s her history with Kuttan that is the catalyst for the events that follow. we have a tendency to learn that live-bearer had chosen to steer a lifetime of celibacy once Kuttan disappears from her life once they were kids gaga. however there’s a reason why Kuttan left her and there’s a reason why he came back currently, and each involve Mayan (Chemban Vinod Jose), the aforesaid mafia don and Kuttan’s former leader. You see, Kuttan had get away with Mayan’s cash.

But it does not take long for Mayan to grab him. however he would not kill him nonetheless (that’s what he usually will to those that betrayed him) as a result of he desires back the money that has currently unexpectedly gone missing. nobody is aware of wherever it’s and United Nations agency has taken it. Molly, currently visibly reworked by the re-ignited passion, refuses to giving up of Kuttan the second time. This provides the mandatory impetus for the opposite 3 to affix her in an exceedingly daring commit to rescue Kuttan. Giving them company are 2 kids, Jeemon (Aju Varghese doing what he will best) and a questionable native crook, Vikraman Parudeesa (Saiju Kurup, additionally doing what he will best).

Obviously, what we’ve is associate degree uncommon scenario. Mayan could be a character within a comedy, sure, however so as to offer USA a way of United Nations agency the lead characters are up against, Rahul offers USA some moments to indicate USA what Mayan is capable of. one amongst them includes brutally killing a person before of his young girl once giving the lady a candy and so reminding her father of the story of Judas (“Are you making an attempt to show American state into Jesus?”). however Rahul additionally puts him in an exceedingly few amusing things that tones down his menace significantly. Indrans (in another eccentric performance) plays Mayan’s lame father Raju Bhai.


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