Maradona (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


The film swings back and forth in time, revealing bits and pieces of Maradona’s past.

Cast & Crew
Director: Vishnu Narayanan
Actor: Tovino Thomas, Chemban Vinod Jose, Leona Lishoy, Jins Baskar, Shalu Rahim, Sharanya R. Nair
Release Date: 27 Jul, 2018

Maradona (2018) Malayalam Review:
There is a scene wherever Tovino Thomas’ character Maradona engages in an exceedingly staring contest with a touch lady. The girl, United Nations agency till that time was basking within the glory of defeating her oldsters within the same contest, fails once Maradona stares at her unblinkingly. The lady becomes upset and her oldsters call on the carpet him for creating her cry. however he doesn’t suggest to try and do it. the reality of the matter is, a TV news announcement — one thing to try and do with a mussy incident he was concerned in — makes him froze. As in last year’s Mayanadhi, Tovino plays a personality United Nations agency is on the run. however this point the pursuers do not work for the law. The hunters work for associate cogent politician whose son is lying in coma once an unpleasant quarrel with 2 native thugs, Maradona and his childhood friend Sudhi (Angamaly Diaries’ statesman Wilson).

The hunting is diode with pertinacious determination by Martin (Chemban Vinod Jose), the politician’s nervelessly baleful partner in crime, United Nations agency thinks managing his partner and youngsters is more difficult than catching 2 thugs. Martin is calm, composed and relentless; and he’ll use any suggests that necessary to seek out what he’s searching for. And he has secure his partner that he will not kill anyone. however Maradona and Sudhi square measure testing his limits, and you get the sensation that Martin would possibly break the promise he created to his partner.

The bruised Maradona hides in an exceedingly urban center flat happiness to the small girl’s oldsters (played by Jins Baskar and Leona Lishoy), whereas Sudhi hides elsewhere. once the small girl’s oldsters endure a tour, they forget to go away the outside door keys with Maradona. he’s home alone, with a dog and a dove to offer him company, and he manages to fall smitten with Asha (Sharanya R), a young and lonely home nurse staying within the next flat. however she is not attentive to his past, and, uncalled-for to mention, this complicates things a small amount. And there’s the likelihood of Martin blooming their party and exploding their cordiform bubble any minute.

Director Vishnu Narayan, United Nations agency worked as associate associate of administrators Dileesh Pothan and Aashiq Abu, makes a powerful impression along with his debut. although Dileesh’s and Aashiq’s influence is clearly visible within the film, Vishnu brings a mode of his own. Vishnu’s proficient team — Saiju Sreedharan (editor), Deepak D Menon (cinematographer) and Sushin Shyam (music) — facilitate him maintain an equivalent tone and tempo that was established within the film’s gap scenes despite sometimes taking little, however welcome, detours to flesh out the fragile romance between Maradona and Asha.

When we 1st see Maradona, he’s not specifically a saint. he’s assertive, self-important and does not seem to be a ‘one woman’ type of guy. Before the said staring contest scene, he makes another female person cry, this point by design. And he has no qualms regarding breaking her father’s leg before of her. Oh, and he does not very look after dogs. But, no ought to worry: there’s ample scope for redemption, associated Tovino is incredibly convincing in an exceedingly crucial scene wherever his character undergoes an sudden transformation, associate after-effect little doubt of associate emotionally-shattering event. This moment is that the film’s part.

Also, it’s nice to examine for once a feminine character United Nations agency are often bubbly (not annoyingly) and robust at an equivalent time. She isn’t a maid in distress; she is aware of the way to beware of herself. in an exceedingly key scene, once she asks Maradona to handle a very nasty scenario, he steps back and lets her handle it by herself. and she or he provides him a couple of lessons on ‘real’ masculinity — a warning call for a bloke United Nations agency makes a living out of beating up defenceless folks. The reaction that results from their encounter is thus potent that each square measure modified for the higher.


Maradona (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

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